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Location-Based Marketing (LBM) by Havas Media with Foursquare, Google, JCDecaux and the LBMA

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Havas Media' trend profile on Location-based Marketing:
- - View slideshare report: http://www.slideshare.net/havas-media/locationbased-marketing-lbm-global-media-trends
- - View Whitepaper: http://www.slideshare.net/havas-media/hm-location-based-marketing-insights-paper
Creating meaningful connections through Location-based Marketing. How can we reach consumers at the right time and place with the right message and experiences? This video features Havas Media, along with companies like Foursquare, Google, JCDecaux and the Location Based Marketing Association, all of whom are pioneering the development and application of location-based experiences for brands and consumers.

LBM Video featuring:
Rori DuBoff, Global Head of Strategy, Havas Media
Steven Rosenblatt, CRO Chief Revenue Officer, Foursquare
Tim Reis, Head of Mobile & Social Solutions, Google
Asif R. Khan, Founder and President, Location Based Marketing Association (LBMA)
Jean-Luc Decaux, Co-CEO, JCDecaux NA

Direction, Camera, and Editing:
Trevor Cox + David O'Neill

About the Havas Trends Video Series:
In partnership with top innovative companies and industry specialists, the Havas Media video series explores burgeoning global media trends that show how marketers are connecting with consumers in new and more meaningful ways. Trend areas include progressive screens, social shopping, location-based marketing, cashless commerce, content co-creation/curation, augmented learning, big data and predictive analytics, smarter search and life tracking. Videos are launched regularly throughout the year, as they are most relevant to marketers.

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