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Funny Engrish - Terrible Online Marketing Ad Translations (Humor)

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Добавлено от Business В Маркетинг
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Do you love shopping online? Shopping online from overseas countries in 2017 is often the way to go to save a pile of money, and get exactly what you want. It can be fun, and down right addicting but sometimes advertising isn't a strong point for some...
Reading the ad descriptions to find out exactly what you are getting can be quite a challenge. The ad and Marketing may be translated terribly, resulting in a very hard to understand, (yet very humorous ad). Let's take you on a little overseas online shopping journey of ours in this episode titled: Funny Engrish - Terrible Online Marketing Ad Translations In 2017! (Humor)
UTN Ep. 148

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- Previous Episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cV3HOyxjCE

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